Pratfalls & Bow Ties: or Legal Success

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A SENSE OF HUMOR can be a compelling tool of persuasion. But is it suited for the courtroom? Attorneys probably shouldn’t use pratfalls and squirting bow ties during closing argument (a soft probably). But possessing a humorous flare could boost your likability rating and, as a result, gain mileage with judge and jury. According to an article from Washington State Bar Association’s publication, NWLawyer, an attorney “who is better liked is also considered more credible and trustworthy, and thus more able to persuade.” Tread lightly, however. Slip on too many banana peels and your work might suffer. First and foremost, an attorney’s work-product must be stellar. Only then, should humor be attempted. And if humor is attempted, always put the funniest word at the end of the sentence underpants.