Attorney Stories: A Legal Drama

“[S]tories about the law (both fictional and real) allow us to visit the psychological and moral realms of legal actors both before and after they make decisions or take actions.” (Carrie Menkel-Medow, Telling Stories in School: Use Case Studies and Stories to Teach legal Ethics, 69 Fordham L. Rev. 787-816 (2000).)

In this inventive CLE, professional actors perform a reading of an original story about attorneys. The characters face legal and ethical questions that are relevant to an attorney’s practice. Afterwards, lawyers will analyze the story and the legal and ethical issues it presents.

In this course, we meet Marshall Andrews, who is corporate counsel to the entity Betawaze and its subsidiaries. Marshall suffers from drug and alcohol abuse, a problem that challenges his duty of competence. And while investigating the company’s possible exposure from an employee selling Opioids, Marshall becomes entangled in a web of conflicts that undermine his license to practice law.

Paul Gruwell, a partner with Ragghianti Freitas LLP, leads the panel discussion, together with Amy Neuberger, Corporate and Compliance Counsel for OneAccess MedCard, Inc., and Sage Graves, associate at Hickman Menashe. Drugs, alcohol, competence, and conflicts of interest. This storytelling CLE has it all and is the latest offering from Creative Legal Education, a provider unafraid to rethink legal education and provide a better CLE experience.

The course is comprised of one, sixty-minute streaming course, an annotated script, and course material. The course is offered for ethics CLE credit in the following jurisdictions*:

  • WA (1 Ethics, Activity ID 1077882)
  • AZ
  • AK
  • CA (if watched out-of-state)
  • CO
  • CT
  • ME
  • MD
  • MA
  • MI
  • MT
  • ND
  • SD
  • WV

    *Limitations and conditions may apply depending upon your CLE reporting jurisdiction's requirements. Please check your local state bar or reporting authority for details. Creative Legal Education does not report your course participation

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